Thursday, 24 November 2016

motat tip


Today is Tuesday Motat day everybody was ready to go but then
Getting ready to go to Motat was hard .getting on the bus is hard but ash and I wanted to go for are number 1 but not new said sione  . It is nearly time to go it well take are few seconds but today was Motat day I fort it was going to be fun it is time to go

Finally we got at motat we got out of the bus and saw the lady that was going to give as some instructing. If you get lost you should go to the orange shop then we went to our place to eat then we went of to learn about some old in day stuff. And then kruz got lost he tried to look for the orange shop he was looking for ages suddenly he look up and he yelled and said it is dark he went and look at the gate. 😈😈

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