Thursday, 20 October 2016



What is another word for "kai"?

  • That the people eat the food sands for kai
Why was the guide the only person allowed to go close to the steaming hot pools?
(A)   It was her pool.
(B)   There were too many people for everyone to go near.
(C)   So no one would get hurt.
(D)   So no one else would take the food

The kai was cooked by
(A)   frying.
(B)   poaching.
(C)   steaming.
(D)   roasting.

What is the person in Picture 2 doing?

Write the letters in the spaces to show the order the sentences below go in according to the story. The first one has been done.
A – The guide put the flax kits and flour bags in the water.
BOur class went to Rotorua.
CWe ate the kai.
D – We decided to cook some kai in the boiling pools.
E We watched the water bubble round the flax kits, cooking our
F – We put eggs in flax kits, and corn, potato, and kumara in flour
Kai bags

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

jezakaia boat

On sunday morning me and my dad went to the beach for a fishing tip on the boat . We got our boat and start to sawhorse we were so excited what was going to happened on our tip we start to get out our fishing rod out. we start to fish we headed are fish noiz we rod the fish in but it was are sakr .but then we few the sakr away. But then it bit a hole in the boat.

The boat was scking. but when dad  had a bell we got some  sanity and got it on the whole . but then we started to fish ainge but then we fat a fish dad said to jeff we got our fish for tea.then we went home and koot our fish then we eat the fish for tea

jezakia into the cave

Me and my friend hired a noiz down by the tree.we try to find the noiz. We saw are big cave. That the  cave had some big rocks the cave.we went one were down the big  cave we were trying to find the noiz. But it was far down the cave. But the noiz was so hed to find down the cave.

Into the cave!

But we had a bone we tied by the rocks. We thought that it was  zombies.We were so scand what was going to happen we tied to find our way out of the cave .but we first thought for a blonde we got by the place we were in the first time .

But then we got the blonde in our hard we tied to find our where out of the cave.
But suddenly we came by a strange bridge .We look down and saw are big friendly giant .I told my friend to come and look at this over have it is are big friendly giant.