Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Boys Group

Boys Group - The Emperors Seed

S.A - Being honest and strong 4
Terry - A personal quality for something.
Josh - the quality of being honest and being strong
Kurtas - Being kind.
Jezakaia it means getting a better life.
Viliami- It means being honest and being kind.

1.Emperor from china.An emperor is a person that rules all over china and is the leader.

2. Needed a successor. Needed someone to be a better leader when the emperor passed away.

Why was Ling chosen as the Emperor’s successor? (1- 2 paragraphs)

He was chosen because he was not able to grow his seed the emperor asked had he watered his plant and as so Lxing replied I had watered the seed and everyone laughed at me because it did not grow. Ling didn't know that his seed was boiled until it wouldn’t grow so it did not grow throughout the whole year.

The reason why he got picked as emperor because his seed was different and he was still trying to make it grow.The emperor had to judge all the people that got given a seed to grow a plant for a year . They also picked ling because he had integrity and courage and those are the type of people that the emperor had liked.