Thursday, 30 July 2020

What would you do?

If I was walking in Town and saw Someone drop $50 I would hand it back to the person who dropped it Because I Have a great heart and in the bible it says thy shall not steal and it would be bad stealing and make you look like a bad person and I also believe in karma. You will never know what that person needed the money for if you stole It Like it could be for their family with no food or a homeless person So in my opinion I would return their money.

If I was walking at night time and came by $50 just lying on the footpath with no one there I would Take it because I won’t know anyone that dropped it with that $50 I would save it for school lunch and food from the dairy. Hope you Understand what the difference is.

New Zealand's 50 Dollar Note

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Cape

On 26th of June me and my family travelled to the far north for a tangi in Ngataki .Waking up at our Marae was something else Because there were no trees in the way and all there were was a stunner sun and white clouds .In our spare time we made a Road trip to the top of our country to visit Cape Reinga, it was about a 40 minute drive away from our destination. It was a beautiful experience to be out in the country area Because not that many people will be able to travel to the top of our country. It was also good to hang out with my beautiful Family. We passed some avocado farms, sand dunes and heaps of beautiful beaches on the way. It was nice being at the cape indulging the ocean view and soaking up the fresh air. I can't wait to visit again in summer with my Family.