Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Exploring the toilet

Recount Plan
  1. Plan a recount about an unusual event you have witnessed.

Title: A Toilet explore       
Orientation: (Who, When, Where, Why) hi today room 6 went for a experiments outside to go and explore the toilet, we went to look at the to for fun

Events: (What things happened?) the things that happened were we came past smelly thing.
Conclusion: (What happened at the end?) we had to go back to class to write our recount .

2. Write your recount.On Tuesday morning, we had to write a recount but we had nothing to write about. Mrs Sio asked the class if they wanted’’ to go and explore the toilet. Those that wanted to had to stand up. Nearly the whole class stood up. There were only five people sitting down. They wanted to run around the school.

Next we had to line up, On the way there we saw team 3 playing games we walk in two lines. when we arrive there  the girls went to explore the toilet first Mrs Sio said when they come back you can go and look at the boys toilet, 2 minute later the girls come running out it stink in there yelled one girl  you's can go in now said Mrs Sio’’ Zoom the boys go,

Oh it smell very bad said one of the boys, why does it smell bad in here said Sione maybe because the boys miss the toilet pol and pee on the floor Eww’’ that disgusting why would they do that, i don't know i think they are to lazy suddenly Mrs Sio said STOP LOOK AND LISTEN  we have to go back to class and write our recount away ok.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

jezakaia Term 4 Km and M

Convert these measurements to either km or m

3000 m = 3 km

15.5 km = 15500 m

4500 m = 4.5 km

13500 m = 13.5 km

6.7 km =6700 m

9700 m =  9.7 km

5.6 km = 5600 m

4.9 km = 4900 m

7800 m = 7.8 km

12.9 km = 12900 m

300 m = 0.3 km

0.9 km = 900 m

6.5 km = 6500 m

0.65 km =  650 m

700 m = 0.7 km

750 m =  0.75 km

4500 m = 4.5km

1.4 km = 1400 m