Monday, 15 May 2017

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Once upon a time there were three little bears. They lived  in are cottage at Pt England reserve . Mummy bear  was making  breakfast for baby bear and daddy bear. The breakfast was ready so mummy bear was dishing the porridge out .But when baby bear said the porridge  is hot to eat.Let go for a so when we come back from the walk it will be wrim said daddy bear. There was a girl named Goldilocks she walk pass and lock inside off the window. Then she pass the door and lock inside and saw some porridge on the table first she taste  daddy bear porridge it was  hot then she taste  mummy bear and it was cold then she taste baby bear and it was the right one. She eat it all then she went into the sitting room she saw three seat she sat on daddy bear seat it was heard then she when on seat on mummy bear it was quite heard then she seat on baby bear it was the right one but when she sat on it but it broke she was getting tired so she went into the rooms. She tried daddy bear bed it was not comfortable . Then she tried mummy bear bed it was heard . Then she when on baby bear bed . It was the right one for her she now is going to sleep. 10 min later the 3 little bear came back and lock in the rooms baby bear who is sleeping on my bed said baby bear then Goldilocks ran are away then she got lost. The end

Walt: to be able to write a using creative language
Walt: to be able to use an existing story and put our own spin on it  

Thursday, 4 May 2017


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Hi my name is jezakaia this term our topic for team 4 is  now that’s thinking.

How technology  is changed  this term at  pt england  school  term 123  are learning
about kite .

Team 4 will be looking at what technology Maori had before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand.

We could look at same thing that you can use like technology .

I want to look some stuff over the years, and how they have changed.

I hope you have had a good time reading my  story thank you and good by .

Walt: to be able to write a summary about what we will be learning this term
Walt: to be able to look to the future with our writing