Thursday, 15 March 2018

Duckling Palace

Follow up activity

When do duckling go to the duckling Palace?
Duckling go to the SPCA When their mother is not  their.

What is an incubator? Describe what the incubators are made of?
It is a recycling bin.It  made out of an upside down recycling bin inside a wooden box.

Why did Lloyd try not to handle the duckling?
LIoyd doesn’t want to handle the duckling too much , so the duckling feathers doesn't come off

What happens to the ducklings when they are twenty-five days old?
The duckling are big enough to go outside into a big paddock.

When does Lloyd release the Ducklings?
When the duckling are fully grown at about   sixty six days  old they are  allowed to go out to the wild.