Friday, 27 October 2017

pan pipes

Making pan pipes - Recount Writing 
On Wednesday 25th of October room 8 are making pan pipes but first we have to watch a video to give us some instructions. When we finished we got into groups. In our groups  was Ezra Anania Troy & Tisa . Our first thing was to watch a video that Mrs Buchanan made for us to get some instructions When we finish getting our instructions.  we got the thing for the pan pipes.  When we  got the sruff  We  started to make our pan pipes .  first we got a piece of cardboard when we got our piece of cardboard  we got our straw and also scissors. When we finish we started to Play with it. How the toy was for yous to blow threw to make some noiz.

Walt: write a recount about a personal experience. Walt: organise our ideas into a series of paragraphs.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

jezakaia Immersion Assembly Immersion Assembly Writing Plan

On monday 17th of october we came back to school with a nice sunny day . we had a Immersion Assembly we lined up and waited till the teachers told us to go, when we arrived there we sat down in our line . when we all sat down we started watching teaches perform song called musical madness. This term our school is musical  madness. Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Jacobson, Mr Somerville and Mr wiseman started the assembly in the band and sang musical madness. Then each of the team showed us what they are doing. Team one was playing snap and showed us how musical can change your feeling. Team two did the lion king song and showed us they are going to make instruments. Team 4’s  topic was about them driving around pt england. Team 4’s topic was a bit comedy and action.Team 4’s topic  was really funny like a comedy show,they drove around the block and they switched  seats and the teacher switched the song from rock to JAZZ. I want to learn about guitar and drums.