Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Animals race

It is the 2016 pt England school Animal race. This race Is  at pt England school where Is the animals .

There a 5 animals the 5 animals were Dragon Cheated Lion and two chicken in the race. Then I figured out we can do it on the bottom field .I was going to tell all the people to bring their pets to the race  they were ready to win the crowd was yelling the ,races were ready . the race was going to start in go the crowd was tearing the races was struggling it is going to be are head race. The cheated was coming first and the dragon was  coming second third was the lion and fourth was the two chicken the crowd was yelling will the racing animal were coming to get there flag.

Walt: write a narrativeWalt: add detail to our introduction (setting and characters).Walt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.